Thursday, August 4

With Swedish accent.

I will most likely write my next book in Swedish, but I say it's just charming with a little accent, even in literature, so keep that in mind while reading: I'm Swedish.  Some grammatical errors are bound to be found, but then again, one could call that poetic freedom. 

So tomorrow is the big day. I was considering postponing the release since I'm currently sitting and editing the print-version. And ( those are the type of "errors" I'm correcting), when you know it will be in print you are more thorough. The digital version can still be changed and edited. 

If you want perfection, then I suggest you wait for the print-version. Otherwise the digital version is of course already a hoot, but there are some minor details to be changed still. I will also upload the print-version as digital and delete the current digital versions once that is ready, which will probably be sometimes next week. 

Then you can buy an actual book to hold in your hands. A book that I have written. Imagine that. I'm trying to grasp it myself. 

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