Friday, August 19

Waiting for the first copy of the book.

It should have arrived yesterday according to the distributors, but nope, not yet. Hopefully on Monday then, or if the mail decides to do another round of delivery today, but I think they've stopped with that. Unless someone stole in somewhere along the way. It's hot stuff so you never know.

I already know that the indexpage has two errors that needs to be fixed, too much space between two lines, tried to fix it before, but sometimes the program doesn't obey commands and have some fixed routine it persists upon upholding.  Well, then I "forgot" about it, the alternative was to create a new indexpage, which wouldn't have been that tiresome, but apparently at that point it was.

So now I must wait the entire weekend, perhaps even longer to hold the first paperback copy of the book in my hand. I don't like waiting. It's too zen.

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