Thursday, August 11

Things are taking time

Now we are in the final stages of publication for paperback.
Minor adjustments for the cover, some gray area that somehow had become visisble where there is supposed to be transparency. Well, this can be fixed, of course. It just stalls the release a little bit. As some of you may know, I'm also an extreme perfectionist and everything must be exactly as I say all the time always.  I predict this will be the X-mas gift of the year!

As mentioned before I'm also planning on releasing a best of , selected edition of KOSMONAUT PLANEMO 2003-2013. This is also a lot of work, needless to say. I have however already collected all post up until june 2012 already in a word document, it's not so far away from finished either.
Then begins the selection process of which posts to inlcude. I'm thinking the most poetic/interesting ones, not the ones with "Funny" in the headlline and then a musicvideo. After that I will repost many blogposts from that timeperiod, those that are not included in the book.

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