Thursday, July 21

I have been neglecting you

Sorry guys, been really busy with working my ass off as usual. Thought I was going to have a few days of real vacation, as in REAL VACATION, but no. Although I have been deliberately relaxing a little, just so that nobody can come and say I did not rest when I was supposed rest.

Oh, just remembered a strange dream: corpse in the closet. Haha, so overly symbolic. It was a big corpse that hardly fit into my closet so one arm kept hanging out and sort of waving around disturbing me and Ville while we were trying to sleep.

Well, aside from starting up a new illustration bureau that could evolve into a fullblown advertisisng bureau ( I love commercial creativity, too), I have also and finally, this time I promise finally edited my book for the last time.

I searched for the last saved copy of it I could find and found one from 2014 first. I have more updated versions, but when I started reading this one I realized that this was it. The newer versions have too many alterations, too many overly explanatory sections soiled by my academic studies that I took up in the autumn of 2014, just after the book was done. What I wrote after that is perhaps not irrelevant, but it ruins the raw and brutal feeling of the language that I had then and that signifies the entire book. I decided this version was best.

Now I have edited it one last time, not changing anything, only fixed grammatical errors, typos and other linguistical mishaps when I found them. The language is kind of loose and flowing, carefree, not caring too much about structure and more than often also challanges set rules, out of rebellion.

I'm waiting for that Belgian artist to find the paintings/ illustrations he made for the book and send to me again.

I will make a nice frontpage. Text only or image too? If yes to image then what image?
The knifelicker photo? I suppose that is the most famous picture of me so far, one people would recognize and buy the book.

Haven't found a publisher yet, but that will come, there are many options available.

Have a nice day! ( That's how me and new boyfriend tell eachother "I love you" in instacode.)

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