Sunday, July 24

Dear readers, I need your help.

I'm at the point of making a book cover and am also being a bit indecisive about the title.  Since the book is written in English and will be published on international publishing sites, which means it will be available worldwide.

The book has had many titles and title suggestions in the working process: Epic Suffering, Lunchtime Funhouse, Kim must die! ( not my suggestion) and now Het Dossier Van Angelina Elander.

I googled Het Dossier, and it turns out the title is taken by John Grisham, not that it matter that much, but it is.

I thought that would be cool title, not sure if people in Japan for example would understand that it's a book written in English with that title. One has to consider how people sort out material when they browse. So Het Dossier is perhaps too narrow? Only for Belgians, sort of..or?

Is Epic Suffering better?

I have already made a videoseries where I read/act segments from the book with that name, so maybe I should keep it, out of consistency.

Any other name suggestions?

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