Monday, July 25

Book cover art

Ok, these are the alternatives so far: 

The painting is made by Belgian artist Michaël Janssens, whos style I really like: so weird. There are more of his illustrations throughout the book, that's why I picked this one as cover, or suggestion as cover. It's a bit difficult to work with designwise, since it's already so colorful that almost all text disappears in its presence. Here I have used AR Christy for the name of the author (me) and AR Darling for the title and AR Bonnie for the illustrator. As you can see I have meddled in Illustrator with the letters.

I'm sorry, I like Arial. People claim it's boring and out of date, but I still like it- clean, simple and powerful in itself. Here I went with the colortheme all the way, could evolve this idea too and add more small stuff and make it into a collage. Personally I like book covers with many details, much stuff to look at. And I meddled some more with the "logo" ( title).

However, clean is also nice, cool and discrete for the travelling reader for example. One has to consider such situations. On the other hand, it's not very likely that this book will be available as papercopy, not for a while at least.  In a digital version the purpose of the cover is to catch the unsuspecting readers eye to pick THIS book out from the millions available.

Ego took over. I had to try one option with this photo. Really like this one too, and it's eyecatching. I like how the text cuts up the face, like papercuts. I think it looks kind of "fresh". Maybe because the photo is 9 years old by now.  If I use this I will move the name higher up and perhaps change the font to Arial. 

So, which one of these do you like best? 

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