Saturday, June 11

The Tulip

Sorry for this low resolution image, better will arrive soon. Same goes for my lovelife I would say. I mean, what is wrong with people? When I show my interest to someone, they feed on it, make it a maketing boost, then drop me and brag about using me and breaking my heart.  They get cred from it too by their peers (the uneducated losers they hang out with).
-Good job man, you really showed her!  She desreved it, she had it coming..
Maybe someone even payed him to break my heart or promised some celestial favours? (Conspiracy theoriy flag up.) What am I supposed to think when EVERYBODY I fall for fail? Are they that easily bought by money, fame and lies created by media?  I gave him one month, not even that, but when the guy travels to Sweden, goes to a fucking rock festival and doesn't bother to call, come knocking on my door or even send a textmessage and then leaves without saying a word, I drop him. It's over. Goodbye. Polish piece of crap. I hope your carreer goes to hell.

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