Monday, June 27

Straight forward

My new boyfriend is very straight forward about our relationship.  He creates a fake account on twitter ( a fan account to another artist) and add my dads deathdate as birthday and starts following me the day after I officially spotted him. Then he posts a tribute to this same cunt artist on Facebook where he gives credit to her "amazing" voice, when her voice is not special at all, there's nothing special about this artist. We have a word for "artists" like that in Sweden, it's called "dussinvara". But she's supercute, and young. Of course he would rather be with her, BUT now he's mine!
This whole thing is driving me insane. The shirt, my leggings, the birds with upside down A's as eyes.  He thinks he can date other women. Why? What's wrong with him? I know he's adorable, sweet, hot and sexy and you all rich Hollwood whores want him now too, because I want him. And everytime I want something, everybody else wants it too. You are nothing but cheap copycats. Go buy someone else instead, a stripper or whatever you eat for breakfast.  And Gwen! I thought we were friends, but here you go stealing my mans bike and playing all the dresscodes in order to steal him  too.

You can't have him Gwen, he's mine!

Well, while I'm at it "telling it like it is", it's the same with Adele, she only got haussed up because she's fat. She has the most boring music and voice I ever heard.

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