Saturday, June 25


7 A
1 B
2 C
2 D
1 E

These are my grades so far during the past two years, collected. The two D's was in the very beginning, when I didn't yet know the proper procedures and norms regarding scientific essays, the C's came right after, when I had learned some more. Then bam, I got an A! I was so happy and confused that day. I am really good at this? At anything?  That semester I got straight A's, three in a row. Next semester started with an E. Now I didn't know what was going on. Had I become too lazy and sure of my self?  After that I got two A's again and could exhale for a moment. Then realized I needed a B in order to complete the full scale, managed that too, then finished this semester with two A's.

So what do we got here?


*insert big smile here*

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