Saturday, May 7

Wallets and more.

They have added iPhone wallets but haven't activated that apparel yet, but I will let you know. They should have Samsung walllets too, since the iPhone wallet has that stupid string over the image. 

 A bright red duved with naked ladies, something for the Casanova perhaps?
 A miniskirt with weird hippos, for the hipster of course.
 A miniskirt with elephants, perfect for the " do I look fat in this?"-person.
 A miniskirt with snails to signal that you are single and like music.
 A Puzzlface-puch, perfect for the make-up.
 A scarf with rhinos, goes with everything and still is original.
 A bag for the baby, or babe.
Is your home a bit boring, lacking color and a general sense of humour? This pillow will instantly solve your problems, 

The kiss- the most romantic pillow for the bedroom, or wherever, works like a mistletoe, place it where kiss is wanted.

 If you have an iPhone ( my condolences) these could cheer it up a little and prevent the screen from cracking.

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