Wednesday, May 25

My new boyfriend

As I told you before I have selected a new boyfriend. The Polish contribution to Eurovision Song Contest 2016: Michal Szpak. He might not be aware of it yet, or even agree, but who cares, he's mine now. I found a goldmine of old photos on this website: and here are some samples from his participation of the Polish version of Dancing with the Stars in 2011. 


 I see a litttle Kylo Ren in you. 
 Yes indeed.
 A bad fashion day. 
 Al Capone?
 Angelina.. of course. 
 His co-dancer, Paulina Biernot. I feel so sorry for her in this picture. 
It's hilarious, I can't stop laughing. 
You must all go and look at those photos, there are more.
I think it would impossible not love him. 

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