Monday, May 9

My meat collection

I designed this way before Lady Gaga came along with her worn out meatdress, she's such a copycat, or she didn't even design that herfself either, some "real" designer did, right? Don't remember.

I took this photo of two porkchops lying on the sink because it looked like two people kissing and this must have been around 2007-2008?

This is the regular- people-version:


The sassy chiffon-top of meat.

 The bag-o-meat

 When you have a beef with someone.
 The classical Book of Carnage. 
Do you have meaty legs? 
 The meatcase.
 The mug-o-meat.
For the meatshake.

 iMeat mini
 Samsung meat
Here you clearly see two faces smooching.

 The pouch of meat- for your secret bacon stash.
 The meat-scarf- for that really greasy look.
What's at steak? 
This is my personal favourite- the meatpillow- give that to grandma next xmas. 

The thick wallet of meat.

High fleshion.

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