Tuesday, May 10

Interesting lecture today

A little bit hard to digest.

It was a guest lecturer from the University of Kwazu- Natal in South Africa. A policeofficer add to that. Missed the first 20 minutes so I didn't get the full introduction to who he actually was, but the stories he told about how the police works in South Africa and how people in general are were very interesting.

18 000 murders per year and some gruelsome descriptions of those. Imagine tviewing burnt to death children so often that it almost becomes "normal". Many crimes related to poverty, hatred lingering from the apartheid era, lack of education and cultural superstition. As an example, he told that there is a superstitious view among some people in South Africa that you can get cured from aids by raping a child.

I'm not saying that Swedes are a more civilized people, we do evil in hidden ways.  Instead of killing people in the street, we kill them in the hospital, in surgery for example "something went wrong", or give them the wrong type of treatment or wrong medication. Instead of excluding people with gated communities we exclude them financially, blacklist them from getting an employment, apartment, bankloan and other social benefits.

This guy had been shot while working and had been in coma for three months, wonder what that was like.

There  was a small debate about men and women in the policeforce. If we, as a class thought women could do the same job, Of course there had to be one guy who claimed they can't because of their biology, but hey I can kick your ass any time dude. It's not about size, it's about skills.  Well, this lecturer also asked why Swedes are so quiet and afraid to ask question. You have the answer right here, because whatever you say will be all over internet within seconds.

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