Monday, May 16

I will call him Spock.

He can be my new boyfriend. Well, darling, a lot of work to do here too. We can plan a date on Snapchat, ok? Or just call me, if you dare. Kiss, kiss.
Doing an analysis of Jeremy Deller, what a bore in comparison. Brittish too. Never liked the filthy brits. They don't know what to do with water other than tea. They shower in tea, brush their teeth in tea, clean the floors with tea.
What do polish polish the floor with? Poodles?  I know, it's bad, but Anthony Kiedis is in the hospital for stomachpain, did he eat too many?
Or should I call him Vlad? Is this the Vlad from the old bingoticket-prediction back in 2010? Could be.  So much deja-vu right now, maybe my brain is rebooting from a seizure or something.

And where did Sinead go?

Jeremy Dellers artwork from the exhibition English Magic from 2013.

Maybe she got snatched by a hen harrier? 

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