Tuesday, April 26

Special day today.

I have 20 minutes to write this before the day is over.
Woke up at 7am, which is obscene in my part of the universe. I never wake up by myself that early unless something really strange is going on that I have subconsciously picked up on. Turned out a relative was having baby. Congratulations to the new little precious being.
On this day in history 30 years ago exactly the Tjernobyl disaster also happened and at the university today there was a seminar about this anniversary and how nuclear power has been portrayed in media and by governments, how people have perceived and remembered this distaster and how they feel about nuclear power plants today. Very interesting. After the seminar I stopped and chatted for a while with one scientist from Russia who had investigated how this had affected people in Russia, Poland and Sweden.  I wanted to know how true she estimated the rumour was that Russia buys nuclear waste and recycles it into their own powerplants. It turned out to be true. We also talked about how possible it is that they then in turn sell the nuclear waste to third world countries who also has been buying up second hand powerplants and the dangers surrounding this.  It's about labelling. That's how they work their way around the laws.
Then of course I got to tell my own little story ( she asked for it). I was 16 when the Tjernobyl accident happened and followed the news closely. It was just two months earlier that the Swedish prime minister Olof Palme had been murdered. It was a terrible time for Sweden. Today it's not much better, now we have IS terrorists invading undercover as refugees. Well, each time has its own hazards. Corruption is constant and now I have two minutes left to post this.


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