Sunday, April 24

Soon 80 000.

I know it's not much compared to these teen beauty blogs etc, but considering  the obscure "topic" it's pretty awesome.  So what is the topic? It's untangible, fleeting, sublime. Try to capture it and it changes form and slips out of your hands. Nothing is consistent and solid in this world anyway.
What's it called when you try to label an item? When you give an object a "higher" meaning? Not really animism or panteism, but in a less religious context? Like if you for example ascribe attributes to something that is not "scientifically" proven, but only by mere association. Like this "root looks like a human body and therefore it must be good for humans to eat" ( said by teacher in classroom) ?
Or applied to this blog: this blog looks like the scribblings of a madman and if I read it I will go mad? Or: this blog looks like a map of a genius mind and therefore it will enhance my understanding of my own mind to read it? Swiveling in awe. Or : this blog looks like something lofty and vague and has no real value for me to read? You get the point? Of course not. Not because there isn't any point but because the point is too complicated for your limited braincapacity to process  Get out of here. It's sunny outside. Just connotation? Was it a trick question? Hegemonian indexicality?

"Fire eyes"- dry pastell from perhaps 1992. 

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