Monday, April 18

Rearranging furniture

Since I inherited most of my current furniture and lamps from my dad and grandmother, the fittings are ancient and should probably not be used at all. Electrical equipment must be kept fresh, or?
Are the old fitting perhaps even safer than new ones? Chargers for example, that burst into flames and explode continuously.

Moved a big cabinet from the bedroom to the livingroom, where it suits better and matches perfectly with my desk, both in dark wood, unsure which kind though.  Now I have all the whitepainted furniture collected in the bedroom, but still don't have a proper bed. Instead I have a huge pile of thick matresses, which resembles an actual bed at a first glance, the bed skirt ( two former black curtains) creates a good enough illusion.

Good thing about this new arrangement is that I now have a table for my synthesizer, before it was always stacked either on top of or underneath the big wooden cabinet, unplayable like that. Now it's plugged in and ready to be used at whim and is not in the way of something more important, like the catbed, which is neatly tucked in behind it and still commodious enough for the fatty.

He has five dedicated catbeds around the house, two in the livingroom and three in the bedroom, of which one is in the closet. He can sleep wherever he wants anyway, but I have placed soft padding and blankets at the spots he prefers.  He didn't mind the rearranging, since the placements of his beds remained intact, allthough he spent a few hours out on the balcony looking grumpy while I was at it. Probably thinking I was ruining everything.

What is left now is to clean the windows (skipped that last year) and most likely move the hallcarpet into the kitchen, where it would look awesome underneath my new glass table.
I should get a new couch and move the old one into the hall and the new yellow one out to the balcony. Or just buy a new exactly the same and move the yellow one to the hall, where it would match the yellow table, on which I keep the wifi router along with a baby piano, a Barbie horse and a bowl of keys of course. This fresh arrangement breaks off nicely to the otherwise gloomy feeling of that area. Mostly because of the dark oilpaintings on the wall and the old sewingmachine table. Terrible floor too. I should get a big very colorful carpet to put there.

Considering taking down the vinylalbums pinned to the ledge at the ceiling, but then I would have to get rid of the horror VHS collection stacked on top of the closet, and that is currently too much hassle, perhaps even unthinkable, considering the accurate first impression it gives to new visitors. That, and get a real bedframe, maybe a comfy armchair too.

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