Wednesday, April 6


Terrible nightmares all night. People from the past coming back and being even bigger assholes than before. Trying to pull the same shit all over again. Spreading lies and fear, instigating the feebleminded to engage towards an imagined threat. Distracting from something else, but what?

I had a fight with an ex recently, an email fight that blew out of proportion because the idiot is so insecure and afraid that he interprets everything I say as hatred and threats. It's a comfortable accusation in order to distract from the actual topic.

I was upset because a very expensive product that he was really excited about me buying turned out to be perhaps not a piece of crap, but not at all living up to its expectations. Since he was so excited about me buying this I had to ask if he knew about the products shortcomings before my purchase.
This he interpreted as hatred and me being poisonous and even said goodbye forever.

Overreacting? Yes, indeed. But why? He continued with distracting from the topic and bringing up issues from the past and this irrational reaction of course made me even more convinced he knew about the products shortcomings before my purchase and that was even the reason behind his prior excitement and also the reason of this tantrum.

This along with him being friends with the person claiming to be my mother on Facebook is not a good sign. Exes and wannabe newbies that befriend my mother is always a very bad thing that does not forebode any happiness.

Hence my nightmares.

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