Monday, March 7

New post.

Since you people still are reading this blog I feel compelled to keep writing. It's a double edged sword.
Since I strained my foot (it had fallen asleep and I started walking on all the wrong way) two weeks ago life has been extremely stressful. Resting is not my thing. I'm also out of cucumber for my dip-sauce.

When I designed the Pinkeye logo in 1999, in collaboration with an IT-guy ( who knew more about Illustrator at the time than I did) I was so pleased with the result and so proud of this logo and STILL AM! The Pinkeye logo is superior to any other logo in the world. I can't change it. It would a violation of nature, a sacrilege. If it ain't broke, why fix it?

Here's a treat for you "oldies" who still remember the time and glory of my fashion design days.  I had to look long and hard through many dusty cd's to find these pictures, and then add the logo to them too, very hard hard work. Yes indeed.

I should make a little Pinkeye fashion gallery later, in memoriam.

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