Tuesday, March 8

I'm going to order some pizza.

Like a boss.


  • I'm on my period.
  • It's International Womens Day
  • I had to go to school and be ashamed of my substandard presentation
  • I'm hungry
  • An idiot came by and preached to Allah and kissed my feet ( I know! Weird, right?) 
  • They guy I'm flirting with ignores me
  • My mother has bought a laptop
  • My foot is still sore
  • Nobody cares if I go fat
  • Because I needz it
  • I have started to talk like a cat
  • Pizza is good
  • Pizza is bad
  • Pizza is pizza
  • Four years from now I will be 50
  • I don't feel like cooking
  • I have to look for a Cambodian sweatshop with childworkers for my new clothingline

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