Thursday, March 24

Have nothing to say.

The terror attacks, let's talk about that? Who was behind it and why? The small picture vs. the big picture. The individual terrorist and the warindustry. We all know how this works now. 
The weaponindustry must continue to sell their merch and hire assasins to spin off a sales boom. 
The wars, there are no other reason for the wars than what the weaponindustry claim.  
The "little man" who seeks justice and revenge for his bombed out country, his murdered family members becomes a terrorist. What did you expect? Was this part of the plan?

It's like, you kill every person and burn down all the houses in a small town in for example Sweden and expect the lucky survivors of that horrific attack to be docile and peaceful against their oppressors. Say what?

I find this very upsetting and very tiresome at the same time. The illusion of the "civilized western society" has fallen apart a long time ago and the more they bomb other parts of the world as a revenge for their revenge on the prior will never end, and the only ones who benefit from this is the weapon industry. 

The "people" are then, add to that, supposed to believe the stupifying explanations coming from governments and buy into the revenge agenda. All that religious crap has no meaning. Religion is not the cause of the wars, money is and always have been the cause of every war in history. Religion is the excuse. It's not the islamists we should fear, it's our history of killing them off like flies we should fear. 

Don't misunderstand me here, I care not for religion, only if you are religious, then I care, about your mental health and sanity. There is help to get if you want to get out of a religious cult. Religion is a mass psychosis designed to herd the masses towards a specifik goal defined by the leaders. The worshippers are nothing but stupid ignorant idiots, gullable fools who do what they are told without questioning. The sad part is that we can't judge those who does not know better, only those who chose to be ignorant because they have something to gain from it. 

The religion has nothing to do with domestic abuse against women, children and animals either, there too is religion only an excuse. There anything other than realizing your own bad works as an excuse for the abuser. People in general are so smallminded and damaged. 

What can we do? Wait for humanity to go extinct? Let them kill themselves off. Aggressive primates. 

It's almost laughable that people get upset over the huge amount of refugees coming to EU, as if they had no clue their own contries have been bombed to pieces by UN, US, NATO and whatnot. The same countries and organizations that claim to be the protectors of peace and human rights. There is no logic in this other than hiding the true motive behind a glossy cover. 

I'm not going to join the angry mob. I will never join the angry mob. Your idiot explanations are as transparent as a fatty paperbag from McDonalds. 

The thing is, they have taken this warindustry so far that "we can't stop now!".  Like, if you beat a dog half to death, instead of stopping and taking it to the vet, you kill it instead. The same type of retard reasoning. I have no sympathy for you. 

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