Sunday, February 7

One week left plus new supercool photos.

Ok, dear people, Valentines Day is one week away. So far you cowards have been very silent. All I have gotten is one very vague and little bit too casual invitation to "drinks some beers" .."next weekend". Well, it's something. "Next weekend" probably means Friday or Saturday though, close enough? So the field is still open. Take your chance, do it now. Tomorrow it could all be too late and you will be full of regrets and stuck with someone else.  What a nightmare.

Here are some wonderful photos of me that Julia Oxborn, a classmate of mine, took for a photoexhibition  at Gallery 31 at the University of Gävle. The theme was "In the eye of the beholder", different type of beauty, playing with gender roles. I did my best to follow her directions:
- Look angry. Frown. Pretend you are sexy Justin Bieber.

I'm loving these.

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