Saturday, February 13

More gossip.

A guy called and offered his huge penis at my services. Ha! He lives two hours away, so at least I thanked him for the concern and suggested effort.
So here we have a town full of people, and nobody cares about me. I don't know what to say. After this many years living here one would have thought there would be someone special at my side.
All I have is the cat.
This must be a very special cat.
My dads old cat he is, Ville. My dad told me:
- You can trust Ville.
It's confusing of course, in what aspect? They guy is old and sometimes poops outside the litterbox, you know, sists on the egde aiming at the wrong direction.
I have reading to do, just took a one week sabbatical to figure stuff out. What did I learn? Absolutely nothing that I didn't already know.

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