Tuesday, February 9

Maybe I have a secret love affair...

I've started to like United States, there's always someone in here from there when I check the stats. Right now there's four. It's probably the J's: Jared, Justin, James. And then some. They like me.
Soon I have Jared on Skype flauting his toothless face. Why do I say stuff? Why do I open my mouth? Justin is one snap away, literally. With both hands. James, I don't know what to do with James. He's got those bedroomeyes but once you catch him staring he starts shouting for Lana.
I'm their worst nightmare. The seldom celebrity, doing it in waves, whipping them up to stay behind, back down and move around. Who is number four? Could be anybody.

I have it all figured out. Once again I will most likely torture you with my old fashion designs, on a slideshow. And that's it. No lenghty draft about the...too late.

I should have a deadline for my Valentines date application, make a form even. Yes, I could do that, increase the pressure with formalities.

Well, I must redesign the logo or make something new, which would be fun, but dumb. I will take what I already have and know that lies closest at hand. In order to let new more interesting topics shape themselves in my head.

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