Friday, February 12

A little update on my flirts.

According to the result of the poll, you will call me tomorrow ( or today, if the date is tomorrow) and say stuff on the phone and confirm that you're coming to pick me up at 20.00 and we will go out and eat Indian food and then see Star Wars. Someone will pay. You will wear clothes and have higher perspective on "things".

This is according to the poll anyway, have no idea who this is.

Yesterday I was tagged in a "relationship" by a guy on Facebook, but have no idea who this is either. The accound appears fake.

Seriously, I have no hope left. The one I'm flirting with have just recently taken up serious bonding with someone else. Perhaps they do this to reveal their, at least to me, secret relationship, that they have been hiding. If so, he has been flirting with me behind her back, so that they both could have something to laugh about when the sex was boring, again, that at least Angelina is now confused and hurt.

I can play, play along with this, drama. No problems, it's my specialty. I have the beer-guy coming by if I remind him. A little aloof he is. A friend that could evolve into something more, but that is very uncertain yet. That's how I see the whole relationship- thingy right now. Not sure it's what I want, but willing to give it a try if the other person can also keep it that open.

The nightmare is to meet someone obsessive who wants me to move to their little cottage in the forest and live off the nature. It's like I make this effort once a year, to seriously try to catch a functioning mate. That's all I have time with. Well, recently I have been trying a little harder during the summers too, but that's not working either.

People who know me, so called friends, say that I scare people off, that's why. Haha. Ok. Could be.

People who know me better know what a sweet little fragile tiny girl I am when it comes to realtionships and romantic stuff. I suppose we all have that persona built in to various degrees.

I'm happy with my cat, Ville. We don't need anyone else right now anyway. The love we share, that fluffy belly and wet nose gives me all the intimacy and closeness a person could ask for.

There's just one thing missing, a huge penis.

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