Friday, January 29

Some heartfelt late night blogging.

In usual order I expect there to be a literal race to ask med out for Valentines Day.
I can see how you are sitting by the phone, tortured by agony to make that first call, or one hundreth call. What do I know about the twisted perspective of time that is the most prominent aspect of your current self awareness status. I know. It's difficult. If you are lucky I won't answer.

Then imagine the stress on my part. Having to wait. You see, I have come to a point in my life where I have given up the chasing and expect to be served. Which is a motto sometimes hard to live up to.
If these were cavemen-times.

Suddenly interrupted in my thought by the neighbours children who started to scream again, They scream very much and very loud. Now they silenced. This is very disturbing.

Another neighbour is singing in the shower, it echoes from the ventilation shaft. I do that too sometimes. Much better than you, dumb neighbour.

I should publish my book, it's just a bunch of gossip anyway.  Just as it is. I have read it through seven times or more, and edited, then started again a few times from the top, coming half way and leaving it and then taking it up again from the top.

Valentines Day and the potential callers. Some you people you fear will make the call, the ones you don't want but are too nice to, by default as a work related behavioural modification. Then the ones misreading a rejection in above statement as it would be directed to them.

I hope the kids are alive and well.

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