Sunday, January 3

First post of 2016.

Hello 2016.
I have been waiting for you.
Let's forget about 2015, he meant nothing to me.
Ok, I can tell you about that one night then, New years eve.
Nothing speacial really.
3 beers, half a bottle of Vodka and then champagne pretty much sums it up.
And food, plus two friends, three including the cat, but he is so much more than a friend.
I hadn't planned anything,but felt maybe I will socialize with a few people. So this friend suggested we should celebrate together, with him and his friend, at my place. I could have invited more people considering how much food I had, but since I was one armchair short I refrained myself from that. Also having in mind the kind of chaos that parties in general can generate, and especially that night. Not something I wanted my cat to endure. Well, everything went great at first, then suddenly it was midnight and we had to run out to watch the fireworks. I was so drunk that I could hardly get my boots on to begin with. I think somewhere along the footballfield midnight must have occurred, because once we were midtown, it was already too late. No fireworks in sight and people were already flooding towards the center, away from what I was running towards. I was running nose up in the air trying to see where the fireworks were, Found myself in the middle of a silent mob slowly walking in the opposite direction. Suddenly gained consciousness. Where am I? What am doing here? Slowly turned around and started running away from them, People. Then I remembered the candles at home and had to start running faste to get home before the apartment bursted into fire. So basically, allthough it was embarrassing in retrospect, I spent the new years momentum RUNNING! How awesome is that?  I rule. No, I'm not still drunk, shut up. I was the fireworks, I am the fireworks. And that is how 2016 will continue. Nothing against the cows though, not like that. That is awful, cows had been scared by fireworks and ran amok, slipping on the ice, breaking their legs and had to be put to sleep.  What if people were put to sleep when breaking legs?

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