Friday, November 20


We're reading everywhere that people suddenly become radicalized and join the war or commits acts teorrorism. What does it mean? How can anybody become readicalized over a few months? What type of powerful brainwashingtools have they been subjected to?

And most important, how can I get a hold of that tool? I need to radicalize people to work for me. for my purposes, for my benefit. which of course the rest of the world will also benefit from since I'm a benevolent and wise dictator, who know how to distribute the resources of the planet fairly.

But really, I mean, religion? Get rid of it. It's 2015, we can't have people walking around believing in fantasy figures.

But ok, if we analyze the amount of energy these religious fanatics direct toward their imaginary gods, then what does it amount to? Where does that energy go? Most likely there is some entity that feeds on their fantasies and have molded an image to suit their visions.  Does it look like these "demons" have any good intentions? Apparently not. I'm talking about the "gods" now, the fantasy figures people have created to suit their religions.

If we all started to focus our minds on ...let's say flying elephants! And we all really believe they exist and start to worship them and create rules and regulations that restrict our behaviour according to the "wish of the flying elephant". The energy of our collective thoughts would somehow manifest this magnificent creature, or some other less magnificent creature would find our point of focus and feed on it, projecting back an illusion of what we expect to see.

In order to follow this trail of thought you must first accept the hypothesis that energy directed goes somewhere, that our thoughts have creative abilities and the universe follows the law of cause and effect. You do not have to believe in a spiritworld, simply that energy continues to live, to evolve, to take new shapes.

The question is why do people chose to believe in something that will only bring pain and suffering to them and the world?  All religions do this, all. Why must we glorify suffering? What built in function in humanity needs this?  Can we direct that need into something more constructive instead?
"No pain, no gain.", into hard work, sports or other physical/mental challenges?

It's getting tiresome with wars,poverty, famine, pollution and environmental destruction, especially when we live in an age where we know how to solve these problems, we know how fix this, but we are simply not doing it out of greed and pride.

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