Monday, November 16

In all honesty

I have nothing good to say about the Paris attack or any other attack/war/violence that is constantly going on all over the world.  It's the inherent "evil" of mankind that expresses itself. We will never get rid of it. Bombing one place of land will only ruin that place, the nature, the animals ( including people). "Evil", or our instinct to hunt/kill/fight/conquer will not vanish. This is how it expresses itself in todays society.  We can blame governments, religions and other ideologies for its existance, but that won't make it go away either.
"Only love can kill the demon", a cliché from Natural Born Killers could perhaps offer some insights on how we could or should tackle this. There is no other way.
The more we kill, the more the violence will escalate. Revenge the dead has never worked out. No war has ever been won.  Only meaningless words for those who lost their loved ones.
Stupidity and fear are our worst enemies, it's them we should fight.
There is no easy solution, but then again, they do exist and sometimes they work.
Ultimate tolerance or ultimate control? Have you ever been in control? Of anything? This is life. We are lumps of lard wobbling around with half a brain.

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