Monday, November 30

Food allergies.

  • beans
  • lentils
  • chickpeas
  • gluten
I'm very careful with lactose too, but don't think I have an allergy.  
My intestines swells up like a balloon and it's very painful. During the environmental conference at the university they only served vegan food, which for them apparently only means beans!  I'm so thankful I only have the cat to share bed with those times ( his farts smells worse than mine). 

Why do people think vegan food must only contain beans? How about fresh vegetables for a change? Tofu? Qorn? Anything but beans! 

I'm not going vegan btw, I was vegetarian for 11 years though, and am not a major meateater now either exactly, but my body does not like that type of diet, at all. 

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