Friday, October 23


Terrible schoolmassacre in Sweden:

Three dead, including the perpetrator.

Went to school in a hurry, didn't have time to check the news and was a little surprised that almost nobody was there. Perhaps they who where there hadn't read the news either.  After such an event people tend to stay away from schools for a few days.

A little bit eerie considering the recent shoolshooting in Roseburg, Oregon.

This perpetrator used knives though, but all in all fit the profile of the "regular schoolshooter":
Young male, loner, gamer, narcissistic tendencies, right wing extremist, bordeline nazi/racist etc, patriotic, obsessed with weapons.

For me, with my strange mindfunction (connecting dots that nobody else can see) it's even eerier, I will tell you abou this later, but for now just light a candle for the victims and send them love.

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