Sunday, October 25

Personal connotations.

As promised here are the personal connotations I have made with the recent schoolmassacre i Sweden. 

As I meantioned in a post earlier, I wrote a paper on schoolmassacres last semester.

This massacre took place on October 22 and on that day here in Sweden Marita has namesday, which is a name I forever will connect with Marita Blindeman, a nurse who died trying to protect the children in another massacre where the perpetrator also used knives.

The other connotations are more loose, like for example on October 20 I had a conversation in the sauna at the gym with a woman about the different neighbourhoods in a town be both used to live in and the new area Kronan was mentioned several times, which is the same name as the school in which the massacre took place.

- Det börjar bli hett här. ( It's getting a bit hot in here.)
I said, after sitting there a while.

The massacre was in a city called Trollhättan, which roughly translated can be called Trollhat, and "hättan" which not in spelling but in pronounciation sounds exactly like "hettan", which in turn means the heat. I would say we both looked like trolls too.
I also recently had some problems with trolling in a thread I posted in a science forum.  Someone had put on the trollhat instead of the modhat ( what the moderator usually says when he has to moderate).

On October 20 I also posted this video on my Facebook:

In it we can see Darth Vaders mask, which very much reminds of the mask the perpetrator was wearing at the massacre.

That's how far I have gotten with this, maybe more will come later.

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