Monday, October 26

New page.

If you haven't noticed yet I have added a Tarot-page, you can find it in the navigation bar above. Since I've been working with personal consultations for so many years, I might aswell have it in the blog too. I've had that here before, but that was a long, long time ago. Imagine I had this blog since 2003, that's ...12 years!

Time goes by so slowly. It was only yesterday I was 17 sitting on the kitchensink trying to talk to my mother while she was smoking and reading under the fan.  I did that a lot, out in the house we had on the countryside, the one the East German refugee had built in his own special way.  After we bought the house he moved to South Africa, while they still had apartheid. He must have gotten so used to the segregation and opression during his time in East Germany that he moved to a country where it still was full blown.

Now we see that everywhere ( again or did it never go away, just changed the subject)  opression and segregation, with the refugees, beggars and other groupings in society.

Anyway, a reading costs 5€, give or take depending on how rich you are. ;) More info about that under the TAROT tab.

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