Saturday, October 3

Funny coincidence?

On October 1th the Swedish paper Aftonbladet publishes this article:
Eugene and his nine dogs.

The day after this happened:
This happened a few miles away from the city Eugene and nine people died.

In order to understand: the Swedish word "dog" means "died".
(The Swedish word for dog is hund.)

Isn't it weird with these strange synchronicities  everywhere you look?
For me this happens all the time, my brain automatically connects random events with eachother, things, ideas, people etc. Mystical patterns of reality.

Or, is it just me?

Did the killer also read this article somewhere and saw it as a "sign" to go ahead with his plans?

And now this.
Nine dead afghans.
I always wanted one of these.
He was going to the dog club.

Artwork from 2013. (The scanner isn't working.)  The text says:
- What do you say Eugene? Should we buy a new car?
This particular drawing was in an art exhbition in Gallerian Nian ( Gallery Nine)  last year (or the year before).

On a sidenote, last year me and two other students at the university wrote a paper on schoolshootings.

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