Saturday, August 1


For those of you who haven't noticed: I hade added lyrics to my tracks on Spotify.

The video-project. 
Now I have made 13 videos with small updates, or whatever comes out of my mouth when I press "record". I'm not planning these videos and there's no real purpose to them either, except for my own entertainment. I suppose I will continue with a few more and see what comes out of it. I also see them as media-training. To get used to seeing my face on screen ( again)  and to notice what I could improve.  I could have told you all of this in a video, but instead of humming ( I have noticed I do that a lot) for 30 minutes I type it down instead. I also roll with my eyes often, or not really roll, but stare.
Ps, the friend in video nr. 12 is not my boyfriend. My boyfriend is...apparently not around.

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