Sunday, July 19

That video.

That was pretty amazing. I have been watching it for days, stopping every second to see every drawing. I'm autistic that way. I like to be thorough. Well, I have been doing other stuff too, not so much art though, I was going to say, but if you check my instagram you can see I uploaded a new drawing a few days ago. Otherwise my artistic expressions has been channeled into interior decoration and filling out blothces from peeling color on the walls. Black, and red (on a cupboard). I have re-decorated the apartment a little, taking down a lot of paintings from the walls. There was simply too much stuff everywhere. And re- arranged some furniture. Nothing major there, just minor adjustments to make it more harmonious according to Feng-Shui.
Nothing new on the boyfriend front, still dateless every Saturday. Maybe I should try girlfriends instead, but they are so paranoid and messy, and insecure. I know a hot one though. I have been flirting with her for years, married and all, but I'm pretty sure she wants me anyway.
Nevermind, the right person will show up eventually, and if not, we will have a major fight in the here-after. Maybe there isn't a right person? As for friends, what are they? What do they want? What do they cost?  People. Passers-by.

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