Wednesday, July 22

Got caught up in a discussion.

About how to project yourself and your wishes, needs etc to the world, or people you feel it concerns. The topic was dating. I objected against this persons stereotyping of characters.  You know the regular "feminine" aspect:
- If you appear soft, submissive and open to suggestion the maybe people will like you more. Instead of listing unwanted traits in a potential mate. 
Well, I'm not that desperate that I'm willing to change my personality and play some kind of theatre to get liked. Sure, I can play, but it's my game. I often get accused of being arrogant and judging too fast, but that's because I have been there, done that, thought those thoughs, felt those feelings, had that discussion, met those people, seen that film, read that book, listened to that song and meditated to reach the ultimate level of illumination. Yes, it is true. So don't misread my quick, and at least imo witty remarks for lack of reflection, or lack of self awareness. It's your lack of self distance and sense of humour you should worry about, not how my dating is working out. 

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