Thursday, May 21

Looking for a summerjob.

Just two and a half study assignments left for this semester, have the month out to finish them, so please don't disturb me, things have been going excellent so far.

School will continue in fall and I really need a vacation, some time off, but there is no money in vacation and that is what I need the most right now.

Either give me a job that is lazy enough to feel like a vacation or donate a large sum of money into my account, Paypal will do fine.

Have a nice day everybody. :)

Curriculum Vitae

To develop my skills in combination with new assignments.

Gävle University
Information and communication 180 hp
Luleå University
Drama 30 hp
Middle University
Psychology30 hp, Criminology 7.5 hp
Stockholm University
Philosophy30 hp
Sunderby Artschool

Working experience:  
Fortuneteller at  Häxriket
2014 -present
Telemarketing 118700
Company owner Pinkeye
1999-2012 Media, commercials, music, art, writing, theatre, film, photo, web, design, events

Master most creative and editing programs in writing, images, film, music and layout, and I make an awesome jumpkick.

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