Tuesday, March 10

This is the cutie I'm talking about...

So the backstory to this guy is that he is singing this song to his secret crush, that nobody, not even herself knows,  who she is. I have a theory. You know the former winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Loreen? Yes, well, he rides a Lynx ( the snowmobile) which in Swedish translates to lo, yes..and then you see a lot of reindeers, which is Swedish is ren. So, lo plus ren, Loreen.

This is Loreens latest performance. I don't really see anything screaming Jon Henrik in it, but she has the same "spiritual image", the stockholmian new age behaviour. That old namaste shit, Flashing her boobs and pretending to be Lady Gaga. I don't know what to say. He's mine Loreen! You hear?!! Mine!

On the other hand, it's probably me he's flirting with, I mean, what does anybody have that can compete with my ego? Not to mention my samic heritage that goes all the way back to the infamous Roju- Ellli, who singlehandedly killed a bear with an axe in order to defend her husband, the chieftain. That was a long time ago.  That and my secret agent number.

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