Thursday, March 26

That planecrash.

150 dead.
144 passengers, of which 16 were a school class from Joseph König Gymnasium.
4 flightattendants and 2 pilots.
The pilot who crashed the plane was named Andreas and was 28 years old.
It was an Airbus 320 , 4U 9525.
It crashed in the alpes.
It crashed on March 24, 2015.

This is information I remember from the news, without doublechecking.

Because of these personal factors; my dead grandmothers birtday ( march 24) my dead ex boyfriend ( Andreas), 16 ( my birthday) , 4U 9525 ( in 1995 i turned 25).
If I keep searching I will find more of these odd coincidences.

You try it too, if you study anything just a little bit more closely you will find personal connections and discover how the universe is connected to all of us together.

And for me, as usual, death delivers.  Pun intended.

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