Wednesday, January 28

What's up?

- Oh, noting, just business as usual.

Been preparing for an artexhibition in Luleå. At Landstingshuset. Last time I had an exhibition there was 2005, I think. 10 years ago. Well, now in February it's time again.
I don't have the poster yet, will post it later. There will be five other artists showing their art at the same time, It's a big lobby that they use as artgallery.
Considering the bad weather and all I didn't send up any original paintings, only prints. I have a few left over at home. If you check under ART you can view them. It's Zipper flipper ( got a handful of prints of just that painting since they used it to test the colours) and all the other aquarelles ( the ones that haven't been sold that is).
If you want to buy directly from me instead of through Red Bubble, then now is the time.
30 € or $ per print, high quality, on thick semiglossy paper.

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