Monday, January 12

What do we know?

Absolutely nothing. It's terrible what happened in France, but let's face it, we know absolutely nothing about what really went down and who was behind it. All we know is what media tells us to believe. Who benefits from this attack? Certainly not the muslims, so why would they do this? America, with their constant " war on terror" on the other hand, benefits greatly from this. Now they can justify even more attacks on the middle east and kill more innocent children, women and men.  Then news coming out that USA have trained Isis soldiers themselves. I don't know what to think. But then again, it's always like this. Something happens. Someone gets blamed. Then after a while, a new "truth" is out, and after than yet another one and the weapon industry is rubbing their hands as usual. What is a jihadist-group but just another gang with young men wanting to make an impact on society, or old men who got their dreams crushed, or young women, wanting to impress their community or old women who got tired of old men ruling their affairs. It's people with their own personal agendas playing out their frustrations with the world. Or they could be hostages, threatened to kill or someone they care about will die instead. There are so many scenarios behind the scenes that we never get to hear about. Since they killed the terrorists, there will never be a trial where they can speak either. I don't think religion has anything to do with this. I don't think religion has anything to do with anything. But that's my opinion. Who were those people who got killed? Cartoonist, most of them. What if the target was one person who happened to be in the building at the time, but was not working there? I haven't read up on all the stories surrounding this, I gave up once they went into the Kosher house and suffered some sort of compassion fatigue, since this was exactly what my school report was about. The one we ( it's a group assignment)  have been writing the past weeks. So personally for me, it was very interesting to get a repetition of what I have been reading and writing about , in a new context, especially with the tv-debates when the "experts" are speculating around the various segments of the story. What if those cartoonist were really bad people and Charlie Hebdo was/is just a cover-up for something even worse than satire? Maybe they were all pedophiles? Or it was a secret meeting of the Illuminati? No, they don't exist either. Aint nobody got time for that, but fact is this will fuel all right-wing political forces and all anti-islamist fanatics. What if we started an anti-amish sect and claimed all amish are the cause of all evil in the world? We can do it using the same terminology as the "was on terror" -campaign. Problem is, it would make the amish huge and we do not want that. I suggest we ban all religion instead. Religion is from now on forbidden to be used as excuse, argument or cause of anything, religion doesn't exist anymore. End of story.

I hope the  next assigment will be less bloody.

As a sidenote: Welcome to the two new readers from Congo today, KOSMONAUT PLANEMO is expanding its audience.

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