Sunday, January 11

First single with KOSMONAUT PLANEMO

I released it under the name KOSMONAUT PLANEMO, instead of Angelina Elander, other than that, it's the same song as it's been since 2007. I wish could afford to release all my songs ( about 80) that I made from 2000-2007. I don't think I have made music since 2007 actually, it's been computer problems, other creative projects taking over and tinnitus of course.  I used to realese it through an American label under the name Bebelina, but I have an uncanny feeling that company was ripping me off. Haven't seen a penny coming from that direction and they are driving around in limos and other artists coming out with what sounds like plagiarism and sampling of my music, but what can I do? Ripping poor unknown  musicians off is what makes the music industry go round and I can't afford a lawyer either.

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