Monday, December 8

I have nothing to say.

Absolutely nothing. Just wanted to blog anyway. Maybe I will come up with something while I'm writing. It has happened before. I could comment on current events, like the burning of cars outside Stockholm, or celebrity gossip.  Brangelina are fighting again. Angelina has realized that Brad has realized that he's got the wrong Angelina. Zlatan is also loose, I can feel it, he's mine. Helena looks grumpy all the time. I have a date with Jared Leto on New Years eve, in New York, that's what he told me in chat anyway.  I have to find someone to look after my cats Ville and Vilma over Christmas, maybe Ville Valo would like to help, he's surely somewhere in the neighbourhood anyway. My dad named the cat after you, don't you feel just a little bit responsible? Who else is there? Yes, we have the Swedish boyband cuties Yohio and Darin, anyone of them would also do. Yohio lives practically next door. I don't know about Darin though, have you seen his eyes? There's something evil lurking in them goateyes. Then I have a bunch of exes all of a sudden wanting my attention, what's up with that?  Am I famous or something? In a good way this time? I haven't heard anything. Maybe it's just that. They think I have gone "normal". We must change that. It's bad for my reputation. Did I miss to mention someone?  Aw yes, Enrique. Como esta guapo? Justin, is it over with Selena yet? I have seen pictures, just sayin. Then there's these guys. Seth and James. I don't like them, but they have the best Christmascard so far, so that's why they're here.

I think that's enough gossip for now. Anybody has the number to Jihad John btw? I have a little mission for him. No biggie, just a little something.

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