Tuesday, December 16

All work and no play.

Been sick for a week with strange symptoms: fever, nausea and dizzyness. Either I'm pregnant, have syfilis or am a victim of a viscious lurking flu that involves no mucus.
To that there is tons of schoolwork, books to read and reports to finish. Wonder how many of my classmates that are plagiarism experts? The words that come out of some peoples mouths does not measure up to their grades. Can a person be verbally dumb but literally smart? I suppose everything is possible.  I wish I was motivated enough to even attempt plagiarism. I wish I was motivated enough to run around the whole town and ring on every doorbell begging people to watch my cats over Christmas.  I like to actually learn stuff, to get involved with what I'm reading, read every page twice and then meditate over its ambiguous content, but there's no time. Everything must be skimmed through, hastily compiled, hardly given any thought, as long as it's done in time. Deadline. I am the deadline.
What else is there to complain about?  It's snowing too much.

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