Wednesday, December 10

All these abandoned blogs.

If you press 'next blog' you will find a lot of abandoned blogs, most with last post from 2010- 2013. A lot of people do this, start blogging, but then quit. For various reasons. Switch over the same content to Facebook, since what they were blogging about is now what "everybody" there is sharing anyway, meaning everyday life snippets, recipes, pictures of their children and so forth. Then there are the topic oriented bloggers, who tried to focus on one subject, but became bored with it themselves and either stopped blogging or started blending their fixed topic with other blabberings and THEN switched to Facebook, when they realized that was all they wanted.

Well, the people on my Facebook friendslist are mainly family, former coworkers and childhood friends and they are pretty much all against my blogging. Many are very concerned about keeping up appearances, which I'm not, which in turn makes my blogging so much more enjoyable, rebellious and lustful. The things I post on Facebook are Facebook conditioned. Everything in the right place. Allthough I always post a link on Facebook to my most recent blogpost.

I have been writing this blog since 2003, pretty consistent, don't you think? New readers might oppose to this, seeing there is a huge gap with several years without any posts at all, but there is a reason for that. Those posts are hidden. Not deleted or nonexistant, just hidden, while I collect them in a pretty document which I'm then going to sell in bookform to the most hardcore fans that wants to know what I said, when and why. The why question will never get answered, only what and when.

If you are wondering about the sudden appearance of outdated videos, there is also an explanation for that. While I was going through the older posts, I sometimes decided to schedule a repost of some of the videos. Since they can't be printed. Not all though. Not the nudie video. You know, then one in the bathtub. That won't be reposted.

Don't email me asking when then collected posts book will be published. I will let you know, all in good time.

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