Monday, October 6

Wow, October already.

And no blogposts from me. I am a bad blogger, bad, bad , bad.
Well, you know me, better late than never. School is taking a lot of time and internet is slow ( called the distributor and complained today) so I can't play my beloved World of warcraft either, which perhaps is a good thing right now.
I'm planning what to write about next, thinking it through, searching for an interesting angle. Something to decorate with the topics, that otherwise in themselves would be meaningless. They serve more as wrapping paper, the interface that is hiding the real goodies.
Perhaps a CDA about A Clockwork Orange? Too ambitious? Timeconsuming nevertheless, but intriguing. Most likely done a thousand times already. Hard to come up with novelty these days.
Or a thesis around Grumpy Cat, the media spectacle? Or something more serious, like ISIS.
Decisions, decisions...

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