Friday, October 24

Soon 65000.

I'm a humble person. I'm not going to insist on partying with Pamela. Even though she is trespassing on my territory. But that's me, that's how nice I am. We do have stuff in common though, like we both care for animal rights and are both natural blonds. Well, you know it's impossible to talk about Pam without mentioning her puppies. They are huge. How did they get that huge? And why? It's probably something she is embarrassed about.  It was "in" in the last century and why not keep them since they are  good icebreakers of sorts.
They are sending busloads of  Swedish "celebrities" from Stockholm to party with her instead. Greedy, eager for the Hollywood flashlight type of people. I would not want to party with them myself and I pity anyone who has the misfortune of having it on their agenda. No, I'm going to sit at home, with the cats, not even a bottle of wine in the fridge, not going to buy one either. I've tried studying after drinking just one glass of wine and it's impossible. No focus at all. And that is what I need the most right now, or money. Money could solve all my problems instantly. As usual. Studying is the slow solution. Luckily I have food and shelter. I'm a pampered animal in this cruel world. I could use chocolate though. Wonder if Pam likes chocolate? We could eat chocolate together and watch youtube-kittens, and compare boobs. I can sleep on the couch if necessary.....

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