Thursday, September 25

American Psycho - Patrick Bateman kills Paul Allen

There has been a brutal murder in my neighbourhood, just a few houses away. Apparently the suspect had qouted Christian Bale from this scene on his Facebook a few days before the murder. The newspapers hasn't revealed exactly what the quote was only "what Bateman says just before he kills Allen ( Jared Leto) , as a question", which in turn is confusing, since the question comes after the actual killing in this scene.
I don't know who these people were, the suspect or the victim, but I've heard their names has been outed on other not "trustworthy" sites.
Well, the story is that the man of age 28 knew this woman of age 24 since many years back and they were last seen together on Friday night while eating dinner in a restaurant.  Then sometime during that night he had killed her and chopped up the body in pieces ( what the papers say, but this hasn't been confirmed by the police). Then on Saturday night he and his parents came in to the policestation where he turned himself in.
I saw the ambulance from my kitchen window on Saturday night while I had my singalong moment with a glass of whine. I thought to myself, damn that ambulance sure was going really fast. It was heading towards the hospital and was shortly followed by a policecar. I shuddered and got a bad feeling, but continued singing for a while.
Then in the morning it was all over the news. But if she was shopped up and already dead, why did the ambulance drive so fast?  ( Unlesss it was on a completely diffent mission). Was she still alive?  I don't know. It's very disturbing to not have all the facts when something like this is happening. At first people run around in circles wanting to know everything and asking questions and then it calms down to sadness and grief, but it's not really there yet.
In the media they portray this suspect as completely normal, no criminal history or mental illness. He was weird though, an artist, painter, who liked horrorfilms. The victim was a mother of a five year old daughter, someone who was kind to everybody.
For me personally it brings back a lot of memories and feelings, with me having that other story in my baggage and then this happening in my own backyard, it become ever more disturbing, and shocking.

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