Saturday, August 2

Postcards from the past.

Found my grandmothers oldest postcardcollection. I think. What if there could be even older ones stashed away somewhere? From when she was little for example, did they send postcards to eachother back then? She was born 1926. Maybe it didn't become fashionable until in the 60's? When was the postcard invented?

 This is Gävle, the town square in the 70's. 
 My dad must have been in Gothenburg. they gave him my new adress. This was after my parents had separated.
 This is sweet, can't see the year though, but it's from my dad when he was out at sea as a teenager, writing home to mom.
 I can't make any sense of this handwriting at all, but it's addressed to my grandfather. Oh, now I see, it's a shoppinglist of groceries he must buy before they get back home.

From someone who was in Italy.

There's a lot more of these that I will scan, eventually. Also found a batch of letters that I had written to my grandmother, first one from age 5. 

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